Billiards is not a simple game – it requires enough skills and also logic. Many people are scared to play it without preparation. But this online version allows you to train as much as you need and improve your skills. If you have never tried to play billiards in real life, this entertainment will get you acquainted with the basics of this game. Are you ready to start?

Improve your hits!

The main aim of Pro Billiards is to allow you to develop a feeling of the right hit. You are allowed to adjust the strength and angle when you are sending the ball to the pocket. Even if the training is online, it will easily teach you what is vital in billiards. Accept the challenge and try to send all balls to pockets. But as soon as you make three wrong move, the game is over for you. Be sure, that your billiards skills will significantly improve after you spend some time in this entertainment.

Pro Billiards

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